Zero Battery Drain -
6 to 18 Volt
Low cost, for systems with larger batteries, no radio interference.
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  Solar 30W & 50W       Solar 5.5 Amp          Solar 6 Amp

3 Stage PWM - 10 to 36 Volt
Automatic night time shutdown with 0.2mA drain, 3 stage PWM charging with float mode, can be ordered for use with lithium batteries.
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    Solar 3 Amp               Solar 5 Amp           Solar 5A High Temp

    Solar 10 or 20 Amp

Dual Battery - RV, Boat and Sailboat
Charges systems having two isolated battery banks with a common ground, 3 Stage PWM with float mode.
  Solar 20 Amp Dual

Our high performance solar charge controllers increases battery life by preventing overcharging. Overcharging can cause corrosion and buckling of the lead plates, increased battery water loss and excess hydrogen gas.

The solar charge controllers also prevent power loss back into the solar module at night, so an external blocking diode is not required.